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The Cork Autograss club was founded in 1998 and has since been the hub of autograss in the south west. Racing out of dirt track heaven in the peaceful surrounds of Castletownkenneigh Co.Cork, the club has gone from strength to strength not just racing autograss but living autograss!


Who we are

What is Autograss

Who can race

Autograss is a form of motorsport, usually on quarter-mile dirt oval tracks. Its made up of non-profit making clubs, which are affiliated to the National Autograss Sports Association (NASA).

The cars used aren't just ordinary cars. Much work goes into each individuals car some with almost total reconstructions! Some of the cars are practically made again from scratch, to include roll cages, for safety as well as performance enhancing modifications. The cars are then placed into race categories called "classes" based on various specifications.

Anyone can race! Autograss is a true family sport, anyone can take part, Juniors,Ladies and Men. Junior drivers may start racing at 12 years old, moving onto adult classes at 16 with many drivers racing well into their 60's and 70's. Its the affordable motorsport, where you can race the most basic classse like Class 1 with a standard 1000cc car for just a few hundred to buy or make.

Anyone interested in buying or making a autograss car can get information or advice from any of our members or officials on race days or through contacting us here on the "Contact Us" page of the website.Drivers will need a NASA license to race which can be obtained through the club.


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